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Monday, October 10, 2016

Extra Life Triathlon Fitness Coaching

I've been thinking a lot lately about what got me into the sport of triathlon, and it was born of a desire to supplement my mental and spiritual well being with improving my physical well being. Dating all the way back to my first post, I aspired to show that a person could overcome unhealthy habits (both physical and mental), and find joy, peace, and exceptional health. Triathlon was the medium which I chose to fulfill that desire.

As a person who struggled with depression, suffered from anxiety, and abused myself through the use of alcohol (not to mention cigarettes and junk food!), I found that the type of exercise involved in triathlon training was an excellent supportive supplement to recovery. It helped calm my mind, keep me humble, find true joy and peace, and accept my limitations while exceeding what I thought was possible of myself.

A little over three years later I find myself placing near the top of my age group, healthier than I've ever been, happier than I've ever been, and experiencing the joys of life. My old life is far behind me, and my new life is amazing. So amazing in fact that I wish that everyone could experience what I have, in their own way. I've often wondered how I could share this with others. In this new phase of my development as an athlete, I desire to help others achieve their dreams in the best way I know how.

When I used to play video games as a kid (... "used to"... as if I ever stopped!), I remember that feeling of joy, power, and invincibility I would get when I would find the illusive "extra life". As the text displaying "1UP" ascended ethereally over the head of my character, and the bright jingle sound effect echoed over the the chorus of the music, I knew that no King Koopa, Gannon, or Donkey Kong could stop me.

There's one real life experience I find analogous to finding an extra life in a video game. It's the positive transformation some people experience where they turn bad habits into good habits, depression or anxiety into joy and fulfillment, unhealthiness into physical fitness. This transformation is an extra life.

With this in mind, I'm announcing Extra Life Fitness, a coaching service designed to help amateur athletes find the joy and fulfillment I have found in the sport of triathlon. Not just a coaching service that gets athletes to the finish line of an Ironman, but one that challenges the traditional fitness beliefs that exercise needs to hurt, that there's not enough time in the day to take care of ourselves, and that completing a full distance triathlon is far to challenging.

Every challenge is only difficult until an effective plan is in place. When an effective plan is implemented and followed with consistency, it becomes possible, and dreams all of a sudden become reachable. With Extra Life, we can achieve more than we think we are capable of.

I have learned this not only through my own experiences and growth in this sport, but also through testing of specific training philosophies through intensive coaching of a couple of athletes, as well as in the advising of others. Recently, I have certified my coaching status through Ironman University, and am now an Ironman Certified Coach.

In the coming weeks/months, I will be changing some things. I will be turning down this blog as I turn on a new website (the blog itself will remain, but I will be transferring all posts to the new website and continue my blog there). New features will gradually come online as I slowly develop them. I will also be modifying my social media presence away from a personal triathlete page to a coaching page. Soon "Adam Hill Triathlete" will become "Extra Life Triathlon Fitness".

At this time, I am accepting a limited number of athletes to coach to full or half Iron distance races. If you are interested in coaching services, please email me at adam at extralifetrifit dot com.