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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why should I get my ass up early in the morning?

By Marie Hill

Adam asked me to be a guest blog on his site and I was honored to do so.  I am no where near a great or even a good writer. So I might suck at this but it is worth facing your fears. Right?

1.       Vacation!!!
As you can see above the only reason I would wake up at 4:30 am is to drive to the airport to jump on a plane to an exotic beach. So I could soak my feet in the warm sandy water.  It is amazing how quickly I can get out of bed when it is the day that I have been dreaming about since I purchase the tickets 6 months ago!  No need for coffee when you are rushing out the door.  This is true happiness and excitement. 

2.       Race day
This is the second reason I get out of bed early.  I am addicted to running races.   Someone asked me why would get up early and run in a crowd of people.  And my answer is “You have to do it to understand.”  Ok, waiting around for the race to start is not my favorite.  But when it does you realize you are surrounded by the most positive people in the world.  You can’t beat that serotonin rush or “runners high”.  Who doesn’t like to be cheered on by people you don’t even know. And I also have to pick the most scenic races.  If you can’t enjoy the view it is not worth the race. 

3.       Sanity
Why the hell would you get up early on the weekend?  Well, I live with an Ironman in training.  How else am I going to get a long run in with 2 small children and still be able to make it to the beach before the crowds?  This is my time of peace.  This is my meditation.  There is no where I would rather be then quite serenity of the open road.  I am so grateful that I can watch the sunrise.  No, I never get sick of it.  I get to listen to my music, my podcast and my audiobooks.  It hurts the first two steps out of bed.  But when I reach my door after an awesome workout, it is all worth it.

4.       Fear
Tuesday thru Thursday I am motivated to get up early because of fear.  Yes fear of a fat ass.  Why workout first thing in the morning?  Because your brain doesn’t know that it is up yet.  It is a good trick I use to get up and exercise.  I also have learned that I don’t like wasting my time driving to the gym.  Again my brain would have to function in order to operate machinery. It would try to convince me that the time and effort wasn’t worth it. Plus my kids would rather go to the dentist than sit at the gym’s daycare.  So for me the garage, some light weights and the newest youTube workouts suit me the best.

I know what you are thinking.  She is a morning person.  And I would have to agree.  I know that getting up early not only allows me to get a workout in.  But It provides me the serenity of a beautiful sunrise, the sanity to get through the day with two small children and the ability to face my fears (much easier when your brain is not awake)

What does your alarm clock say?   


  1. I think this is an excellent contribution and that your writing talent is above average! Thank you for posting this; they are all good reasons to get up early. I seldom use an alarm clock, preferring to let the natural light and the state of my mind and body make the call. I realize I am lucky to be able to do this!

  2. Great job sharing how a young mother can fit exercise into a very busy life. I'm sure you will inspire others. When you are physically fit it is so much easier to deal with everything that comes your way. It is so important for everyone,espescially a busy Mom, to have that time to mentally relax and prepare for the surprises or routine the day will bring. Nicely done!